Introduction of Shoen

Commitment to ingredients

  • In the mountain part of Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, farmer 's family business is farmer' s, and we are making rice and vegetables which are cultivated on our own. The water of the field uses clean water that does not contain domestic wastewater, we use the pesticide as much as possible and fertilizer also uses fermented okara made at home, so it is safe, secure and very safe I think it's delicious.

    First of all, I use the seasonal ingredients of my own cultivation, and the shorts are purchased by farmers and Co-op naturalists who are well-managed.

    (It is also a friend shop of Corp Nature faction, so please talk to those who wish to join.)

Commitment to water

  • As water becomes the basis of all things, we have installed carefully selected water purifiers.

    We are using water for integrated water with Aqua Terra mizu.

    If you would like to bring this water home away from you, please call on us.